AFMC Rules & Regs

Approved 3/21/10

  1. The Market shall be known as the Adirondack Farmers’ Market Cooperative, Inc. (AFMC)
  2. Market vendors must be bona fide growers, craft persons, producers of handcrafted products or other vendors as approved by the Market Manager in consultation with the Board of Directors.
  3. The membership fee shall be $35.00 per year which entitles members to participate in any of the AFMC sponsored markets on a space available basis. Market season rates will be set annually by the Board of Directors
  4. The dates, days, times and locations for the Market will be established annually by the Board of Directors. The members will be notified of the dates, days, times and locations and such information will also be well publicized.
  5. Markets must be held rain or shine at the times and dates agreed upon unless cancelled by the manager for safety reasons. Adding or cancelling market dates is fine but manager must notify the President of the Board of Directors.
  6. Each vendor is required to bring to market and have a display volume consisting of not less than 70% items produced directly by the vendor, the vendor’s family, the vendor’s employees or other AFMC vendors as long as the product is produced by that vendor. Exceptions to this rule, in the event of extenuating circumstances, must be approved by the Board of Directors.
  7. Bakers must maintain a level of 70% of their product for sale that has been made from scratch. Fully premade or pre-baked products are not allowed.
  8. We require that any item not produced by the vendor, the vendor’s family or the vendor’s employees be labeled with the producer and place of origin. If the item’s packaging already displays this information the vendor is not required to make additional signage.
  9. Non-profit groups must display a sign or banner of their group and display the percentage of sales going to their organization.
  10. All members of the Market must help put up and take down tents and signs if able and requested to do so. Set-up will be during the 60 minute period before the Market opens, but no products shall be sold until the designated time for the market to open. An appropriate signal shall be given for the Market to open. At the closing of the Market no additional products shall be sold. Opening and closing signal times will be at the discretion of the Market Manager. The Market Manager will determine the time by which all vendors
    must arrive at the market.
  11. The stall or areas for selling will be assigned to vendors by the Market Manager who will try to maintain a compact market and provide for a variety of products in adjacent stalls. Market Managers reserve the right to fill in any space 30 minutes prior to the market opening. Under tents, 3 feet must be maintained between the poles and the front of your space.
  12. Non-season or sampler pass vendors will be assigned to a space by the Market Manager as space permits. All nonprofit groups or organizations will be assigned by the Market Manager to specific areas of the Market depending on space. Market Managers must be notified of their intention of attending.
  13. Market Managers must be notified if a season vendor is unable to attend the market. If a season vendor does not fill the space, the Market Manager has the right to fill it for that Market. No vendor shall have the right to sub-lease, sell, transfer or permit their market stand to any non-member. AFMC members may share vendor space with other AFMC members. Space size will vary with each market.
  14. Season vendor fees for one AFMC market may be transferred to a different AFMC market upon approval of the Board of Directors.
  15. Each vendor agrees to make their stand and products offered for sale as attractive as possible. Displays of produce facing walkways shall be arranged so as not to endanger the safety of the customers – a reasonable height off the ground or stacked high enough to avoid tripping over them.
  16. Vendors may charge whatever they wish. Being aware of retail outlet prices is advised and will be helpful when setting prices.
  17. Each vendor will be responsible for all equipment and supplies for the set-up of a booth (tables, scales, bags, signs, etc.).
  18. All vendors must abide by health and safety regulations. All licenses, seals, permits, sales tax information and other requirements for the sale of any item shall be the responsibility of the vendor. Permits and sales tax numbers should be brought to the market for inspectors to see. The AFMC director can guide you and suggest whom to contact before markets open or check the AFMC website. The market manager is empowered to require a vendor to abide by any regulations such as using gloves, covering food, keeping items in coolers, etc.
  19. Vendor dogs must be tied away from customer traffic during market hours.
  20. Vendors are responsible for their children. Please be sure that they are not bothering other vendors and that they are not playing in the aisles.
  21. No bikes, skateboards, etc. are to be used in the aisles.
  22. Managers have the right to ask vendors to move items or displays they feel are unsafe.
  23. Each vendor shall keep their market space free from refuse during the Market hours. Empty containers and equipment shall be kept in an orderly manner and confined to the Market space of a specific vendor. This also includes the requirements of health authorities. Each vendor shall clean up their space after each Market period.
  24. The Cooperative shall carry public Liability Insurance for the Market area. The insurance includes Property Damage and Bodily Injury coverage to protect individual members and customers.
  25. Vendors are to speak and dress in a respectful manner.
  26. Vendors will refrain from engaging in argumentative and confrontational behavior with other vendors or the manager during market hours. After the market closes, vendors and market managers may engage in conflict resolution and vendors may submit written complaints to the market manager (see #28). The manager and the vendors are responsible for making the marketplace enjoyable for all customers.
  27. A vendor, Market customer, or the Market Manager may submit to the Market
    Manager, a Board member, or the Executive Director a written complaint against a vendor where there is reason to believe a violation of Market rules exists. The identity of the complainant will not be revealed by the Market. The Market Manager or the Board of Directors will conduct an initial investigation of any complaint. The investigation will include an attempt to obtain detailed information from the complainant, the alleged violator and other witnesses before a determination is made that a violation occurred.
  28. If it can be determined that a violation has occurred (other than violations covered in (#29) the Market Manager will proceed as follows:
    A. First violation: vendor receives written notification and explanation of
    disciplinary procedures.
    B. Second violation: vendor can stay for that Market day, but will lose the right
    to sell during the following 2 weeks.
    C. Third violation: vendor can stay for that Market day, but will lose the right to
    sell for the following month, during which the board will proceed according
    to AFMC by-laws. The vendor will be able to present a rebuttal to the board.
    The board will either dismiss the charges, suspend the vendor for a period of
    time, or cancel the membership of the vendor. If membership is cancelled,
    paid vendor fees will not be refunded.
  29. Any complaint against any vendor regarding the adherence to the 70%-30% rule or the origin or labeling of their produce, goods or crafts must be submitted in writing to the Market Manager or a Board member. The board will conduct an investigation of the complaint within two weeks, possibly including an inspection. The results of this investigation will be reviewed and appropriate action taken as governed by the AFMC by-laws. If, as a result of the inspection, the vendor is found in violation of the rules and regulations, the vendor will be held responsible for all fees and costs incurred during the inspection process. If, as a result of the inspection, the vendor is not found
    in violation of the rules and regulations, the complainant will be held responsible for all fees and costs incurred during the inspection process.
  30. Fruit and vegetable vendors that are authorized to collect FMNP coupons must follow the New York State regulations for this program. Proof of purchase for fruit and vegetables sold under this program that are not grown by the vendor must accompany vendor at all times. The AFMC definition of “locally grown”, for FMNP purposes of purchasing produce, shall be any fruits and vegetables grown within the borders of New York State. Violations will be reported to the Board of Directors. Upon confirmation of said violation by the Board, the vendor may have his/her right to collect FMNP coupons through AFMC revoked for the remainder of the season.
  31. Vendors will be subject to inspection at any time during the market season. The results of the inspection will be submitted to the board for review and appropriate action. If, as a result of such inspection, a vendor is found in violation of these rules and regulations, the vendor will be held responsible for all fees and costs incurred during the course of such inspection.
  32. The Board of Directors shall select a Market Manager for each Market.
  33. The Market Manager is responsible for enforcing all rules and regulations at his/her market on market day. Vendors must abide by the manager’s decisions. Refer to Rules #26 through #29 for conflict resolution. If a vendor wishes a review of a manager’s decision he/she is to submit a written request to the Executive Director or a board member. Board members will determine appropriate action in accordance with AFMC By-laws and Rules
    and Regulations.
  34. If a vendor engages AFMC in litigation for any reason and AFMC is cleared of the charges, the vendor is liable for all legal expenses incurred by AFMC during the course of the litigation.
  35. The above Rules and Regulations are, ultimately, to be enforced by the Board of Directors of the Cooperative, who is responsible for the overall management of the Markets.
  36. The above Rules and Regulations may only be altered by a meeting of the board at which all board members have received two weeks notice of said meeting.
  37. The above Rules and Regulations are not to be a contradiction of the By-laws. If this should inadvertently happen, the By-laws will take precedence.

*These Rules and Regulations were revised and unanimously approved by the
AFMC Board of Directors on March 21, 2010.